Spread the Wonder

I believe that we are here in this lifetime for a single purpose: to experience this one lifetime.

I believe that each one of us is a limit-less spirit intimately connected to the universe, but that each one of us has chosen to have an experience of limits.

For that reason, I believe that it doesn’t really matter how much money you make – it doesn’t really matter where you live or what you believe – it doesn’t really matter whether you are “good” or “bad” – I believe that all experiences are equal. For example, experiences of pain can help lead to enlightenment. (And by the way - so can experiences of joy.)

That being said, I also believe that there is a certain power in living well. Even though it doesn’t matter, we simply have to live this lifetime the best we possibly can.

I think the following quote sums it up pretty well: (I apologize to the famous person who said it, but I forget. If anybody knows, please tell me!)

                    On winning: it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose – it’s how you play the game.
                    On losing: it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose – it’s how you play the game.
                    On playing the game: play to win.

So you might say: but life isn’t a game! It’s serious! It’s important. Well, maybe so, but to me – that’s just how you play the game, and you are welcome to play it that way. I intend to just experience it. If life is a game, then I have no idea how to win it, but here’s my next line of thought:

I believe that there are a lot of people in this world who feel that life is a game, and that they do want to win this game. Having been taught that the winner in a game is the person who has the highest score, they may have decided this: “Ah! I get it! The “scorecard” for life is… MONEY! If I can die with the most money, then I will be considered the winner! And even if I don’t have a lot of money at the very end, at least I can remain high in the standings along the way!”

Well, maybe so – who am I to say? As I mentioned before, I believe that all experiences are equal – if you want to experience the thrill of making money, and if it helps you to feel better about yourself, and it soothes your fears to have more money, then, hey, more power to you! However, I think the all-out race to gain money and stay high in the scorecard makes it very easy to miss out on some more varied experiences.

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