Spread the Wonder

Feed your mind with wonderful thoughts

Here is the text from the Posters in the "Images" Section:

  • I am what I am, and what I am is something WONDERFUL. I shine with a light from within.
    You are what you are, and what you are is something WONDERFUL. You shine with a light from within.
    We are what we are, and what we are is something WONDERFUL. We shine with a light from within.
    Together, we brighten the world.

  • We are here so that the universe can become more aware of its own magnificence.

  • Everything you have ever dreamed about is happening right now.

  • LOVE is the feeling you get when you become fully aware of the profound spiritual connection that binds us all together.
    HATE is what you experience when you lose the awareness of that connection.
    That spiritual connection is always present, whether you become aware of it or not, linking all living beings together all the time.
    Therefore: hate is always a mistake, and a lie.
    LOVE is always the truth, and the ultimate reality.
    Let your love flow through you.

  • Living a lifetime on this web of reality can often be rather frightening.
    A simple fact of existence is that sometimes we eat, and sometimes, we get eaten.
    So... whether you are the spider, or the wrapped up cricket, or the flying bird who is about to swoop down and eat the spider,
    Live your life as if this day that you are living right now may be your last...

  • Everyone knows all about the two paths.
    Whether we decide to take the path less trodden or to stay the course,
    We fear that we might make the wrong choice.
    We ease our fears by believing that there is always time to change the path we are on.
    And yet...
    In this life, in this reality, in this existence, eventually we discover that somehow, someway,
    We have to take both.

*All poster text written by Mike Vanderberg