Spread the Wonder

Feed your mind with wonderful thoughts

You are what you are, and what you are is something wonderful. You shine with a light from within.

I may know you personally, or I may not know you personally, but that doesn’t really matter, because I know that what you are is something wonderful.

It doesn’t matter whether you have black, white, brown, or purple skin; it doesn’t matter what religion you practice or even if you don’t practice any religion; it doesn’t matter how you lean politically; it doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, male or female, old, young, or somewhere in-between.

None of these things matter, because it really doesn’t matter WHO you are - the truth (as I see it), is that WHAT you are is something incredibly wonderful. 

You are an amazing being - a marvel of complexity, a creature of awareness and intelligence, a traveler in this astounding and incredible world of life. You are the eyes of the universe. You shine with a light from within.

We are all wonderful amazing beings. There is no one out there who is “better” or “worse” than you. Sure - some people do some things better than others. Some can run faster, some can hold their breath longer, some can do more complex math problems - but that also doesn’t matter, because there is nobody out there who is better at being “you” than you are.

Please take a brief moment, and consider this: if you believe in God, or a god, or a higher power, or some kind of universal intelligence or consciousness - it’s obvious that you are an amazing and wonderful creation/offspring of this being, and that you are profoundly and intimately connected with this being - isn’t that wonderful? 

On the other hand, if you believe in evolution and science, consider the complexity that makes up “you” - consider that you are made of a huge number of individual cells, and that each one of these cells contains the genetic blueprints for your entire body, and that these cells and your body are profoundly and intimately connected with your environment and surroundings - isn’t THAT wonderful?

The sooner we realize that we are all wonderful, the sooner we realize that we all go through the same pains, difficulties, joys and wonders, the sooner we realize that we all shine together, the sooner we can all start really living. 

Right now, we can put aside our petty differences and learn to grow together in mutual amazement at the wonder and joy of living that continually surrounds us.